We guide you throughout the creation of your business

For construction operations, GMH Notaires regularly participates in the establishment of leases in future state of completion on buildings to be built. In addition, many lessors ask us to draw up their leases in order to benefit from the enforceability of the notarial deed, throughout the European Union, providing an effective weapon in the event of a payment incident.

When choosing the form of company (commercial company, EIRL, etc.), the family property law department is systematically involved in the discussion to study the impact of setting up the business on the personal and family situation of the business owner and, if necessary, to propose any necessary adjustments.

GMH is a member of the business law group “Notaires Conseil d’Entreprise”.

The notaries in charge of this department

Ritchie Palton

Qualified notary

Ritchie joined the GMH team in 2019. He supported his internship report on the theme of "setting up a sole proprietorship of a pacse partner". After an experience in a law firm specialising in business law, Ritchie turned to the notary profession, developing a dual competence in business and assets.

He works with professionals mainly in commercial and corporate law, commercial leases and competition and distribution law.

His training :

- Diplôme Supérieur du Notariat (DSN) - University of Poitiers
- Master 2 notarial law - University of Poitiers.
- Master 2 in company and business law - University of Poitiers
- DJCE (Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d'Entreprise) - University of Poitiers
- Certificat d'Aptitude à la Profession d'Avocat (CAPA) - Central-Western School of Law (Ecole du Centre-Ouest des
Lawyers (ECOA)

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